Bosteels Brewery Happy to Announce a Solid Future by Joining the AB InBev ‘Craft & Specialty’ Network

8 September 2016, Buggenhout/Leuven – After seven generations, the Bosteels family is about to transmit the brewery’s legacy and heritage brands with peace of mind. By joining the AB InBev’s ‘craft and specialty’ network, both the Belgian ownership and the future development of the renomated family brewery are secured. With the brewing facilities and knowhow anchored in the heart of the municipality of Buggenhout, there is possibility for growth and more importantly, for an increased presence on the international beer scene through extra export opportunities.

The Buggenhout-based brewery, first established by Evarist Bosteels in 1791, has been in the hands of family owners for over 200 years and seven generations.

“After seven generations, I am very happy with this opportunity to hand over the Bosteels brands to a Belgian brewer that will be able to ensure their future success and growth in our country and beyond. This is fully in line with our family business’ values: our great beers will continue to be brewed with respect for tradional recipes, the highest attention for quality and love for craftsmanship”, says Antoine Bosteels, who currently stands at the helm of  the brewery. “By joining AB InBev’s network of ‘craft & specialty’ brewers, I am pleased that our story continues in a Belgian brewing family and within a Belgian brewery group that will open doors to new commercial opportunities”.

Over the last 3 years, important investments were made in the Buggenhout brewery and its logistics  through the support of financial partner Waterland, resulting in growth up to 145 000 hl. During this period, the brewery succeeded in reinforcing the position of two of its most well-known brands, Tripel Karmeliet and Kwak in Belgium. Both brands acquired  an important position in France and the Netherlands, with an annual growth rate of 20% to 30%.

By joining AB InBev’s ‘craft & specialty’ network, the brewery and its brands will be nurtured and secured  for the long term. Antoine Bosteels will remain Chairman of the Board of Directors and will continue to be operationally involved to guarantee business continuity. “I believe we can write a new chapter in the Bosteels history, benefiting from exchange of knowhow and experiences with other craft and specialty brewers from many different countries. When you look at the many awards and high ratings across the span of AB InBev brands and breweries, you see we’ll be part of a great brewers’ community. This exchange of expertise is unique and I am thrilled that the Bosteels Brewery and brands will be part of this network moving forward”.

Loyal fans of the Bosteels Brewery can rest reassured: the brewing facilities will remain anchored in the heart of Buggenhout.

Jean-Jacques Velkeniers, Business Unit President Europe West and responsible for AB InBev’s Belgian business activities, said: “Everyone knows the great Bosteels brands as they are a true landmark within the Belgian beer landscape. We are very enthusiastic to combine the craftsmanship and uniqueness of the Bosteels Brewery and beers with our own centuries-old brewing traditions and craftsmanship. The Bosteels brands will complement our product portfolio in Belgium and we also see opportunities to establish them better on the international beer scene. We believe that we can lift Tripel Karmeliet, Kwak and DeuS to the next level by using our knowhow in bringing people together for great beer moments”.

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