GolfRange GmbH acquires Rottbach golf course from AG

Munich, 21.12.2009 - The acquisition of Rottbach golf course has enabled GolfRange GmbH to implement the first stage in its new “buy-and-build” strategy. Rottbach golf course in west Munich not only offers a 27-hole championship course and a public 3-hole short course, but also an extensive practice course too. Novices and pros will find the same outstanding training and playing facilities here. 

The acquisition was made possible by AG’s willingness to sell. The company wants to focus its attention more on its online business activities in future. “The sale of Rottbach golf course is an important step for us in implementing the group strategy of focusing on expanding new and existing online platforms in the national and international golf and sports business” said director, Klaus Albrecht, explaining the decision. “In GolfRange GmbH we have found a professional operator that will continue to run the course in the interests of former members and customers”.

As a result, the name “Rottbach Golf Course” is to be retained and the golf club attached to it will continue to run. This means that things will remain essentially the same for existing members. In fact, incorporation in GolfRange GmbH will mean a whole host of benefits for members, as in future they too will be able to benefit from shared experience between individual courses and the resulting synergies. On top of this, there will be attractive benefits, such as improved opportunities to play and train on GolfRange’s nine existing courses in Germany.

“Rottbach golf course is a perfect addition to our course portfolio”, enthused GolfRange managing director, Dr. Florian Bosch, over the successful coup, announcing “continuing commitment to working on the expansion next year too, in order to develop the special position held by GolfRange GmbH on the German golf market”. To accelerate the growth of GolfRange still further, additional 9-hole courses are to be built in the coming years and existing 9 and 18-hole courses bought in addition. In order to push ahead with this “buy-and- build” strategy, a strong partnership was forged last year. Since then, Waterland, an independent private equity investment company, has been supporting GolfRange with the implementation of its expansion plans, thereby facilitating rapid growth in the coming years.

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