Quinity and Actuera to continue under joint international ownership: Keylane

30 April 2014 - Starting today, software specialists Actuera and Quinity are combining their strengths in a joint group with the new name of Keylane. This represents the next step in the international growth ambitions of both companies, namely to become one of the leading players in Europe with flexible standard software for the core processes of the insurance and pension sector. The two companies will, however, continue operating in the Dutch market under their own name.

“Actuera and Quinity complement each other very well and have the same customer-focused vision. This further integration will enable us to secure a solid position in the European market more quickly. Keylane is our roadmap for achieving this ambition”, says Ralf Timmer, CEO of Quinity.

Quinity supplies standard software for insurance companies and is market leader in the Netherlands. This company set itself apart with its solid software platform, exceptionally high level of customer satisfaction, and a strong implementation track record.

Actuera is also market leader in the Netherlands, but in the area of software for pension funds and third-party administrators. Ronald Kasteel, CEO of Actuera, comments, “We both consider the customer’s customer to then implement the most efficient solution. We work with proven standard software developed in-house, which enables us to provide our clients with significant efficiency advantages and allows them to introduce modern pension products into the market more quickly. That has always been important, but the pension market is more dynamic today than ever before.”

Waterland, a private equity company from Bussum, has a majority interest in both Actuera and Quinity, and supports accelerated growth through the use of its own international network and financial strength. Keylane will give further shape to the company’s international strategy through autonomous growth and, when relevant, takeovers.

Ronald Kasteel, Jan van Reenen and Ralf Timmer together form the Board of Directors of Keylane.

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