Waterland takes a participating interest in Waeyaert-Vermeersch Isolatie

Antwerp/Kortemark, 27 August 2010 – The Belgian-Dutch venture capital company Waterland will provide growth capital to the Waeyaert-Vermeersch Isolatie group, a Belgian distributor of insulation materials.

Waeyaert-Vermeersch Isolatie was formed in 1967 and in recent years grew to become one of Belgium’s leading distributors of thermal, acoustic and fireproof insulation materials. Based in Kortemark, the group achieved a turnover of EUR 37 million in 2009.

To continue its growth strategy into the future, Waeyaert-Vermeersch Isolatie recently engaged Waterland as a financial partner. Waterland will provide additional funds to Waeyaert-Vermeersch and support the company in its further growth. Nico and Carlo Vermeersch, second-generation managers, will remain as shareholders and continue to lead the company also in the future.

For Waterland, this investment is in keeping with its strategy of investing in growing, high-quality companies that are meeting demand with respect to sustainability.

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